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The Age Wave is a human version of the perfect storm. The number of older adults will double over the next fifteen years and as they live longer their needs will become more complex. The community-based organizations that traditionally serve the aging population will be unable to adequately do so. It’s time for a revolution within the delivery of services.

Robust information systems were the underpinning of successful revolutions in manufacture, financial, and retail services. However aging services organizations, especially non-profit community-based organizations, have not deployed systems that will streamline their operations, reduce their costs, and expand their programs. As a result, community-based organizations remain unprepared for the Age Wave.

IANet, a strategic consultancy specializing in the effective use of information systems, is an expert in the field of aging services and is available to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you build a stronger organization to ensure that your community’s elders, your greatest natural resources, enjoy the quality services they deserve.

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