Founded by three friends working at the NYC Department for the Aging in 1994, IANet remains a rebel with a cause: to positively transform the way we age.

Our Values:
To be thoughtful, compassionate, practical and action focused in ensuring that all older adults, and those that care for them, are empowered so that our elders are able to live independently, safely and with dignity.

Our Mission:

To guide, advocate, and be a strategic partner with individuals or organizations so that they may develop or more efficiently and effectively deliver quality services for older adults.

How we help
As a non-profit strategic consultancy, we collaborate with passionate individuals and innovative organizations to translate ideas into viable products, services and/or platforms that enrich the quality of life for older adults. We work primarily at the beginning stages of ideation, design, strategy, fundraising, prototyping, and team building.  We’ve also been heralded for helping projects regain momentum and developing our own initiatives.

Evaluation is critical to all that we do.  While we like to think we know what works, we prefer to prove that empirically with intended audiences. Then, with those data points, we seek to educate policy makers, designers and implementers on how we all can deliver smart, compassionate and effective care to those that we love.

For IANet, “interaction” is the core of everything we do. We believe, that the “problem/opportunity” of an aging society is too much for anyone to address alone.  Therefore, we seek collaboration and we love to help others who believe similarly. IANet is an action oriented organization. To that end, we also run an incubator program where we help social entrepreneurs refine, fund, implement and scale their visions.

A few of IANet’s notable accomplishments:

  • - The National Council on Aging was an early client of IANet. First, IANet redesigned and managed NCOA’s website. Then, IANet helped NCOA create a for-profit subsidiary that won a NIH/SBIR series of grants that conducted the research and ultimately produced BenefitsCheckUp. What is still the most comprehensive decision support service for older adults to identify benefits that will enrich the quality of their lives.

  • – IANet was funded by Atlantic Philanthropies to expand upon their work with BenefitsCheckUp in Northern Ireland. After three years, was operational. Then after only six months $12.5M in benefits were in the hands of older Northern Irelanders.

  • SHIPTools - IANet worked with the Health Assistance Partnership to create a web service to help state health insurance counselors be more effective and efficient.

  • Post-Katrina Technical Strategy for Gulf-Coast Senior Services - With support from Grantmakers in Aging, IANet visited with and partnered with several community-based organizations throughout the gulf coast post-Katrina. IANet developed a technical strategy/roadmap for how the region could leverage technology, especially electronic records and cell services, to be better equipped for the next disaster.

  • Brookdale Center on Aging Learning Management System (LMS) - IANet hard-coded the New York State Adult Protective Services manual into computer code with referenced, summary chapter questions. LMS wasn’t a concept yet nor was content-management tools, so we had to build all of that ourselves. It was a tedious task, but the resulting product was very well received.

  • ReACH - (Reducing Acute Care Hospitalizations) was the most scientific project IANet ever worked on. It was a national replication initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a model to reduce hospital readmissions from home care agencies. The IANet team worked with home care experts from across the country and built analytic services that generated a fast, graphical dashboard.

  • Brookdale Foundation Fellowship Program - IANet developed and managed the web service of this prestigious fellowship program.

  • Monitor-Rx – IANet partnered with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation to create a version of the GRAM (Geriatric Risk Assessment Medguide) consultant pharmacy software and transformed it into a business.


Our Story
Founded in 1994 by three friends seeking to ensure quality services for an expanding aging population through the use of appropriate and practical technology, IANet (The Interactive Aging Network) continues to serve as a technical advisor, strategist, designer, and developer to non-profit, foundations, and government organizations around the world. One founder remains on the board and believes more than ever that social change is only possible through perseverance, resilience, and kindness.

Technology became our medium for facilitating change. We witnessed that once “technology” is introduced, there is a change process … often resulting with unintended outcomes.  IANet works with those organizations that aspire to change the way older adults are served, are prepared to invest in their staff as well as their infrastructure and service delivery products/systems, and believe in a user-driven, outcome-orientated process to achieve their success. 

We are humbled by our success.  Because it reminds us that we can’t do anything alone, but only with other passionate, hardworking and intelligent peers.  Everything we’ve done is preparing us for our next project, which we hope will enrich the quality of life for our elders more than what we’ve done in the past. 


Bob Dobbins,
Board Director 
Bob currently works as a Senior Advisor within Integrated Technology Services at AARP in Washington, DC.  He has over 35 years of business experience in both Fortune 500 and start-up technology companies.  He has executive leadership experience in strategy, business development and product management.  While working for Panasonic he was engaged in new solution development, including developing a SaaS home telehealth solution for seniors with chronic illness, based on strategic collaborations with care providers and insurers. A career innovator and systems thinker, Bob was introduced to the other board members while leading the Wellness Division at Panasonic.  He remains active in the technology space with pro bono activities, including reviewing a new book on entrepreneurship and mentoring technology business leaders.

Patricia Kaufman, Board Treasurer
Patricia epitomes entrepreneurship. She and her brothers have worked for the family business, created their own and/or sought innovations throughout their careers. As an MBA in Finance, Patricia serves on the financial side of business/operations development. Most recently, Patricia grew a community-guardianship program to be the largest in New York City. Currently, she coaches and nurtures both non-profit and for-profit businesses to accelerate their growth as a consultant.

David Dring, Co-founder & Board Chair
His vocation in aging began in 1992 as a consultant with the NYC Department for the Aging. It’s been uphill ever since. Yet, every day the view gets better.