Current Major Projects

We believe in walking the talk.  Therefore, these are some of our own projects to help others learn from our mistakes.


Acceleration Academies

Prior to relaunching IANet, we took a tour and talked with many people about what’s needed most in the aging network (besides more money). Because of Aging2.0 we don’t need more ideas. Because of ASA’s leadership program, we don’t need more skilled leaders. Because of CAST, we don’t need another mega phone on smart technologies. We decided the network needs more coaches…what we call accelerators.

The Accelerator Academy is an intensive two day program connecting a cohort of emerging leaders (of any age) with relevant experienced accelerators (of any age) to help the leader take their team to the next level (whatever that means for that leader/team). These Academies catalyze new relationships that fuel civic entrepreneurship and deliver exceptional impact at the community and/or global levels.



We believe that creativity is at the heart of innovation. SilverArtisans.Org is a vehicle to empower older adult artists.

SilverArtisans.Org (SAO) seeks to achieve three things:

  • be a platform to showcase artwork created by older adults

  • be a fundraising mechanism to help senior centers earn funds to pay artists of any age to instruct members of the centers on art creation, history and preservation.

  • be a grant making organization to enable intergenerational performance art

SAO owes a debt of gratitude to Elders Share the Arts, which unfortunately is no longer around.