Current Major Projects

We believe in walking the talk.  Therefore, these are some of our own projects to help others learn from our mistakes.


Innovation Collaborative

Recently, we took a tour and talked with many people about what’s needed most in the aging network (besides more money). Because of Aging2.0 we don’t need more ideas. Because of ASA’s leadership program, we don’t need more skilled leaders. Because of CAST, we don’t need another mega phone on smart technologies. We decided the network needs more places and structured pilots to build the ecosystem that will fuel innovations.

Our experience is that small steps can lead to scalable success. We believe that starting small and collaborating with intended end-users and payers as well as operating within an evaluative framework is critical to understanding why something works and how to address the problems. Therefore, we are collaborating with a diverse set of service providers and older adults to create this collaborative.

In this collaborative, we support both the developer as well as the community that agrees to host an implementation. We provide the project management wrap-around to the implementation that focuses on clarifying the desired outcomes, how a specific solution will be implemented to achieve those outcomes, how the process will be measured to determine success, and documenting the outcomes for shared learning. We also focus on the relationship between the developer and host. Making sure there are agreements that are mutually beneficial and that expectations are clearly stated and understood.

It is our goal to make the process more manageable with a focus on building evidence that will help both the developer as well as the community advance. We hope the developers can use these experiences to gain further momentum and funding. And ultimately, we hope that this process will bring about more innovations that will enrich the quality of life for older adults as well as those that love and care for them.

We are starting this in the NYC area. We would love to hear from you if you have project or place where you would like us to help. Please contact, David for more information.



We believe that creativity is at the heart of innovation. SilverArtisans.Org is a vehicle to empower older adult artists.

SilverArtisans.Org (SAO) seeks to achieve three things:

  • be a platform to showcase artwork created by older adults

  • be a fundraising mechanism to help senior centers earn funds to pay artists of any age to instruct members of the centers on art creation, history and preservation.

  • be a grant making organization to enable intergenerational performance art

SAO owes a debt of gratitude to Elders Share the Arts, which unfortunately is no longer around.