IANet’s Services

The opportunities facing the aging network (those organizations, academics, and policy makers caring for older adults) are grander than any one person or organization. Therefore, we seek to collaborate, incubate and advise individuals and organizations so that they have the capacity to achieve our common mission and ensure that all older adults are able to live independently, safely, and with dignity.


As a capacity building organization, we collaborate with individuals and organizations to help them grow their programs. We bring our international perspective to aid local program development. We nurture collaboration between academia and real-world provider experiences, with start-ups needing to prove their model with real-people, and between organizations with shared goals.

Our model is to collaborate with passionate people and help them achieve their goals. We add capacity through strengthening an organization’s infrastructure, assist in securing needed resources, empower teams, use data science to prove the effectiveness of your model, and support you in taking it to scale.

Our process is always the same. We listen first and then collaboratively create an action plan (requirements of pilot partners, delivery expectations, support capacity, intended outcomes, measurement methodology, and budget and timeline), hold introductory meetings, assist in raising any necessary resources, and, if requested, provide coordination support throughout the life of the pilot, which could include project management, providing oversight in measurement/evaluation, and/or writing a summary/case study.


Ideas are everywhere and everyone can have them. But ideas need teams to refine, develop and deploy them.

IANet seeks passionate, hardworking people who want to transform their ideas (or existing initiatives) into sometime more. The challenges facing the aging network are greater than any one person or one organization can address. Therefore, we offer a forum for individuals or organizations to experiment with their ideas, receiving relevant executive coaching, and support in strategic technology development.

Consider joining IANet’s Innovation Network (I2N). It’s free. Together, we believe we can globally and positively transform the way that we age. Learn more.


IANet advises non-profits, foundations, and government agencies on how to deliver exceptional services to older adults through capacity building activities and then helps them scale those quality services. While IANet may operate like a for-profit consultancy, IANet is a non-profit organization itself and works with those organizations that seek to serve older populations. IANet has deep experience in designing, developing and/or deploying technology initiatives to facilitate the spread of innovative initiatives.

Our advice focuses on:

·       strategic management development (leaders, teams, succession)

·       capacity building (operations, teams, fundraising and all information systems)

·       integration of technology as a mechanism for organizational growth