IANet’s Research Interests

We are learning more about these topics so that we can help organizations, their clients and those that love them better understand these areas.


We believe the hype…5G will be remarkably valuable to those that can access it. Therefore, IANet is researching this emerging communication system to identify ways that it might be more affordably made available in rural, as well as urban, areas for seniors’ benefit.

Brain Games

Cognitive fitness is as important, if not more important, than physical fitness, so we are investigating and partnering to design, develop and deploy affordable, scalable and informative “games” (aka tools and resources) that will help people measure, maintain and enhance their cognitive fitness and if necessary help them manage as their capacity diminishes in empowering ways.


As curious people, we are fascinated with large data sets and what insights one can learn from them. We are seeking to develop three such data sets, de-identify any client information and make the data sets available for intelligent querying that will advance the field.